Tino Caer


I am currently a software engineer at Sigma Computing, a data analytics and application platform that enables anyone to explore data at cloud scale and speed through a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. I am currently working on the actions team, building a platform to enable users to setup side effects that are triggered UI interactions within a workbook. Previously, I worked on the data governance team, building solutions for authentication, audit logging, and OAuth integrations with cloud data warehouse providers.

I am also a Codepoint Fellow at Sutter Hill Ventures.


Sigma Computing

Software Engineer — August, 2023 - Current

Sutter Hill Ventures

Codepoint Fellow in Residence — August, 2023 - Current


Software Engineer Intern — Summer, 2022


Software Development Engineer Intern — Summer, 2021


Feel free to reach out to me via email: tino.caer@me.com. I am also on LinkedIn and Github.